Baby-Erinnerungsbox * Mo's DP # 234: Things with wings


Hallo Ihr Lieben! Nun ist der ganze WM-Trubel (**** Weltmeister! Juhuu!) vorbei und man fühlt sich schon wie im "Sommerloch". Geht's euch auch so? Unsereiner kann sich ja gut Abhilfe schaffen, Bastelideen gehen ja irgendwie nie aus ... ;-) Ein Anreiz bietet vielleicht auch unsere neue Challenge bei Mo's Digital Pencil. Diesmal durfte ich ein Thema aussuchen und ich habe mich für "Dinge mit Flügeln" entschieden. Ich finde, hierzu kann man viel umsetzen und vor allem auch sommerlich
Von mir gibt es mal KEINE Babykarte ;-), dafür aber eine Babybox für Kindheitserinnerungen. Diese ist als Geschenk für Katys Tochter entstanden, ihr Sohn hat damals schließlich auch schon eine Erinnerungsbox von mir bekommen. Passend zur Glückwunschkarte habe ich wieder das niedliche Motiv "Fairy sleepy" verwendet. Rund um die Box sind auch noch verschiedene Babyelfen aus dem Set "3 baby fairies" zum Einsatz gekommen. Damit das Ganze nicht zu bunt wird, habe ich diese aber unkoloriert gelassen.
Hello everbody! The entire FIFA World Cup excitement is over now (**** world champions! Woohoo!) and it already feels like in the summer slump. Do you feel the same way? But we crafters can quickly find a remedy as crafting ideas never seem to stop ... ;-) One incentive may be our new challenge at Mo's Digital Pencil. For this fortnight I chose the theme and decided on "Things with wings". I think this is perfect for many ideas and for summer.
This time I don't have a baby card to show, but therefore a baby box for childhood keepsakes. This box was a present for Katy's newborn daughter, as her son even has got one from me back then. Matching to the baby card I used the super cute image "Fairy sleepy". There are also several baby fairies on each side of the box. They are contained in the set "3 baby fairies" and I left them uncoloured so that's not getting to colourful.

Ich bin sehr gespannt auf eure Ideen. Trefft eure schwere Qual der Wahl zwischen all den tollen Motiven von Mo Manning und los geht's. Wie immer habt ihr die Chance auf einen Shopping-Gutschein für ihren Onlineshop in Höhe von 5$ (pro 25 Einträgen wird ein Gutschein verlost). Für diese Challenge habt ihr Zeit bis Dienstag, 14.08.14.
I can't wait to see what you come up with. Make up your difficult choice among all the fantastic images from Mo Manning and get started. As always you have the chance to win a 5$ shopping spree at Mo's store given for every 25 entries. For this challenge you will have until 9 a.m. EST (New York time) on Tuesday, August 14 to link up your project.
Liebe Grüße - hugs,


Tutorial - Kolorieren mit Prismacolor Stiften * Colouring with Prismacolor pencils

Hello crafters and Mo fans! ;-)

As you may know, we are doing weekly tutorials for Mo's facebook group “Bella and Bronte’s Clubhouse”. I was often asked, how I colour my images with my Prismacolor pencils and now I am revealing (a part) of the secret! ;-) I guess, you would prefer to see a video tutorial. But, believe me - you‘ won’t like to sit there (and hear my bad English) as long as it takes to colour!

Today I am showing you my way to colour skin on kraft paper. The tutorial for hair and for images on white paper will follow.

A few words about the paper:

In general I use plain white cardstock for several drawing techniques, 250g/qm, smooth surface. In Germany and Austria this is very suitable:

And the kraft cardstock I use is the good old „Crumb Cake“ from Stampin‘ UP! ;-)

I mainly blend the colours without spirits, but only with the pencils themselves or with paper stumps.

The image I used is the cropped version of“I dunno”, which was a freebie given by Mo for the first clubhouse contest. Now let‘s get started:

Step 1
I started by colouring all over with WHITE. Just by light hand and  at best in circular moves so you don't get that much streaks of pigment (important for later blending).

Step 2
Next add an all over layer with CREAM. This will make the base more smoother. But spare out the eyes! ;-) At top of each picture you can see the respective pencil I used.

Step 3
Next layer with DECO PEACH.
Now you can already start to spare the parts, which you want to be the lightest at the end (f.i. back of nose).
  Step 4
Add more depth and shape with layer of BLUSH PINK.You achieve shaping by leaving areas lighter (cheeks, lower forehead, nose).

Step 5
Create more darker parts by using NECTAR. Again, concentrate on the parts which will be darker due to shadows. And do not completely overlay the layer of Blush Pink. This way you will have a smooth colour gradient and smooth change between lighter and darker areas.

Step 6
Complete shading by using HENNA.
I wanted to have more depth and added once again a darker colour, but only in very small amounts (at the hair line, temples, inner eye corner, corner of the mouth). See the difference?

Step 7
And now, we are doing magic: Go back over all shaded areas by using BLUSH PINK.
Move your pencil in circular motions over the darker parts you created. This way you blend the colours easily.  Remember leaving out the areas you want to have the lightest. This step is so much fun! ;-)
If the image may
have lost some depth due to the blending, you can go back and repeat steps 5, 6, 7 as often as you like.

Step 8
To really start the image to go alive, it needs some cheeks: Draw a triangle with PALE VERMILLION.
Start drawing and filling in the triangle with very light strokes! In case you won’t be satisfied with its outcome you can correct it easily and nothing won’t be ruined. ;-)

Step 9
If you like your cheek triangles: Intensify with POPPY RED.

Step 10
Blend with BLUSH PINK. You can repeat  these two steps until you like the result.

 Step 11

Not to forget her lips: colour with MAHOGANY RED. Spare the centre and layer in the corners, so it will look more vividly! 

Now her face is finished! ;-) Hope you liked my tutorial so far.

Liebe Grüße - hugs,

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