Prismacolor Tutorial 2: Kolorieren von dunkelbraunem Haar * Colouring dark brown hair

Hello crafters and Mo fans! ;-)

Today it's time for a new tutorial for Mo's facebook group “Bella and Bronte’s Clubhouse” and I would like to show you my way to colour brown hair on kraft paper. I will complete the image from my first tutorial and once it's finished the image will look like this:

This is the result from the skin tutorial and my starting point for today:

Step 1
I started by looking which parts of hair I would like to be the lightest and coloured them in strokes with CREAM. (Please do not wonder about the photo exposure, but I highlighted the photo so that you can see more of the strokes.)

Step 2
Next, I used GOLDENROD as basis for the rest of hair. You can already layer/blend these two colours by drawing slight strokes over the CREAM.

Step 3
By using CHESTNUT I started to model the parts of hair which I want to be the darkest. I also created a colour transition between light and dark by stroking into "highlights".

Step 4
Just intesify the darkest parts by using DARK UMBER to deepen the shadows.

Step 5
The last step is only to blend everything for smooth transistions. I chose LIGHT UMBER as my blending tone. And now the hair is already finished!

If you like, after finishing skin and hair you can trace all black lines with a very sharp black pencil.
And in case you are also interested in how I did her shirt, you can follow the pics step by step:



I am so sorry for the bad photo quality at the end, but it was already late and dark and I only used my smartphone camera. Nevertheless I hope, you liked my tutorial so far. In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Liebe Grüße - hugs,

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Dortesjs hat gesagt…

thank you great tut

Tracy hat gesagt…

Another amazing pencil tutorial Anja. Thanks so much for sharing your know how. Hugs!

Alexandra♥ hat gesagt…

Your coloring is truly fantastic Anja! Thanks for sharing your technique!


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